poland 9

Poland at the 9th International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences


Editor: Witold Dynowski
    Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of the History of Material Culture


Wrocław [i. in.]: Zakład Narodowy im. Ossolińskich



ss. XVI, 168




Introduction (by Witold Dynowski), VII

Part I

A. Kutrzeba-Pojnarowa, Towards a Synthesis of Poland`s Cultural Anthropology, 1

Maria Gładyszowa, The Changing Peasant Culture in Polish Post-War Studies, 17

Józef Gajek, The Significance of the Polish Ethnographic Atlas for the Ethnology of Poland, 43

Kazimiera Zawistowicz-Adamska, Rural Economic-Social Systems and Systems of Subordination in the Process of Change, 69

Maria Frankowska, The Place of American Studies in Present-Day Polish Anthropology, 81

Józef Burszta, Oskar Kolberg and Slav Folklore, 99

Jan Stęszewski, Polish Research on Musical Folklore after 1945, 109


Part II

Wanda Paprocka, The Green Forest of Kurpie: Current Changes in a Traditional Ethnographic Region, 123

Maria Biernacka, The Emergence of New Rural Communities in the Polish East Carpathians, 135

Jadwiga Kucharska, Changes in Socio-Occupational Structure in Kashubian Villages, 145

Maria Wieruszewska-Adamczyk, Social Sanctions in Two Village Communities, 153

Anna Zadrożyńska-Barącz, The Motives and Evalutions of Marriage in Contemporary Polish Rural Communities, 159


The Contributors to this Volume, 167