poland 10

Poland at the Tenth International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences


Editorial Comitee: Maria Frankowska (editor-in-chef), Bronisława Kopczyńska-Jaworska, Anna Kutrzeba-Pojnarowa, Wanda Paprocka, Witold Dynowski
    Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of the History of Material Culture


Wrocław [i. in.]: Zakład Narodowy im. Ossolińskich


ss. 164

 Seria: Library of Polish Ethnography, Ed. by Maria Frankowska, No 35
    Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of the History of Material Culture
    Ed. Józef Burszta


 Table of Contents

Editorial Foreword (Józef Burszta), 7

Part I

Mirosława Posern-Zielińska, Main Factors of the American Indians` Ethnic Consolidation in the United States, 9

Sławoj Szynkiewicz, Kinship Terminology and Kinship Change among the Mongols, 19

Iwona Kabzińska-Stawarz, Some Remarks on the Modern Forms of Recreation among Mongolian Shephards, 27

Zbigniew Jasiewicz, The Haydarihā – An Afghanistan Community of Blacksmiths. An Attempt to Change the Ethnic Situation and Social Position, 35

Marek Tracz, The Processes of the Formation and the Role of the Native Intelligentsia in Modern Egypt, 43

Maria Frankowska, The Studies on Religion in Modern Polish Ethnography, 51

Ryszard Tomicki, Religious Dualism in the Slavic Cosmogonic Myth, 59


Part II

Wanda Paprocka, The Polish Ethnography and the Handbooks of Ethnography of Poland, 69

Józef Burszta, Traditions of Folk Culture and Modern Ethnicity. Based on the Polish Ethnicum, 77

Bronisława Kopczyńska-Jaworska, The Concept of the Traditional Village in Polish Ethnographic Studies, 87

Anna Kutrzeba-Pojnarowa, Concepts of the World and Emigration from the Countryside, 95

Anna Zambrzycka-Kunachowicz, The Feeling of Kinship and Its Socio-Cultural Consequences in the Rural Community, 105

Krystyna Kwaśniewicz, Changes in Folk Customs – Problems and Reflections, 115

Mirosława Drozd-Piasecka, Changes in the Attitudes of the Rural Population toward the Land. Problems and Methods of Investigation, 123

Edward Pietraszek, Peasant-Workers in Poland. The Socio-Cultural Characteristics, 133

Maria Biernacka, Education and Socio-Cultural Changes in Poland`s Rural Areas, 141

Danuta Tylkowa, Methods of Obtaining and Utilizing Water in Mountain Regions. The Ecological and Cultural Conditioning Factors, 149

Jadwiga Kucharska, Technological Changes in Kashubian Inshore Fising and Their Influence on Traditional Fishing Cooperatives in the Fishing Villages of the Hel Peninsula, 157


The Contributors to This Volume, 163